From the past to the present, people choose to live together, this is called marriage. Some couples are unable to maintain their relationships, so they divorce. Divorce is one of the solutions to cope with problems between husband and wife. There are three main causes for divorce; the changing of women's roles, stress in modern living and the lack of communication.

The first cause of the recent rise in the rates of divorce is that women are changing their roles. In the past, men had to earn the money to pay the family expenses, when the women only did the housework. These situations have changed the roles of men and women are becoming equal. Now, women can work and men can stay at home and do the housework.

Another cause for the recent rise in divorce rates is stress in living situations. Many people have considerable pressures to earn money. It can be seen that the stress occurs when a couple has children, for instance, making the money to pay for the children to go to college. This is why it is possible that stress may lead to high divorce rates.

In conclusion, a family is one of the most important parts of society, and many people need to be aware of the significance of a relationship. Divorce has become a substantial problem because of changing women's roles, stress in living situations, and the overwhelming lack of communication. Some couples who have no children, divorce may be a good solution to deal with these problems. Although people tend to think carefully before the get married, the rates of divorce continuously rise nowadays.

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