Case Study

Conducting Business Ethically and Responsibly:Patagonia

Name : Ren Jinyi ( Michael )

ICA NO : G1218734W

Name : Qian Yuxin ( Henry )

ICA NO : G1144479U

Question 1 : How does Patagonia demonstrate its sense of social responsibility to stakeholders ?
Answer : First of all,their product development standpoint is the fact that the company has a relentless pursuit of quality in the development of its products.The second point is that Patagonia made their few outdoor apparel items more ragged and innovative.This shows their main point is the keeping the quality and building something new.

Question 2 : What effect does Patagonia’s culture have on organizational profit?
Answer : At first,they establish on-side child care,making employees’ children an important parts of its corporate culture.When employees getting more benefits from company,they will work more effectively. Secondly,in the mid 1980s,the company introduced a generous policy of environmental tithing.To donates 1 per-cent of sales or 10 per-cent of pretax profits,whichever amount is greater,every year to grassroots environmental groups.They take some profits into the grassroots environmental groups,this make their profit outflow.

Question 3 : Aside from limiting growth rate,what other strategies would you suggest Chouinard employ to ensure the legacy of Patagonia will survive a hundred years from now?
Answer : Patagonia is much more interested in supporting a philosophy that allows the company to grow naturally.The company has a number of other values,particularly the interest of reducing the impact that company has on the environment,so that every decision-making process,including product development,looks at the environmental equation.

Question 4 : What lessons does Patagonia’s activist approach offer to other businesses that are making an effort to go green?
Answer : In the fall of 1983,Patagonia tries to balance profits and...