DNA Extraction From Kiwi Lab Write Up

DNA Extraction From Kiwi Lab Write Up

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DNA Extraction From Kiwi Lab Write Up

Why was each step taken?
1.A hot water bath and ice water bath were set up for aiding in the DNA extraction, more detail in procedure 5 and 6. It is important that the hot water temperature is between 55-60 degrees C because you want to heat the kiwi mixture without cooking it.

2.The solution is later used for the mashed kiwi, refer to procedure 4 for an  in depth explanation of why the detergent, table salt, and water is used.

3.The kiwi is mashed to break up the cells so more DNA can be extracted.

4.The saltwater breaks down the cell, and exposes more surface area for detergent interaction ("Extracting DNA from living things"). The detergent is added because it destroys the kiwi’s cell membrane by bonding with the lipids and proteins, interrupting the polar interactions that keep the membrane in tack ("Extraction of DNA from White Onion"). The detergent, proteins, and lipids then precipitate from the solution, meanwhile the salt clumps and  protects the DNA’s negative phosphate ends for easier DNA extraction once the alcohol is added ("Extraction of DNA from White Onion").

5.The mixture is placed in the hot water bath because the high temperature denatures the DNAse enzyme and weakens the phospholipid, breaking the DNA into smaller pieces ("Extraction of DNA from White Onion").

6.The mixture is placed in the cold water because it slows the enzymes from breaking down the DNA, allowing for more DNA to be extracted ("Frequency Asked Question").

7.The mixture is filtered to remove all the precipitate and obtain the liquid containing DNA.

8.Cold alcohol is added because DNA is insoluble in alcohol, the DNA clumps together and precipitates from the solution("Extraction of DNA from White Onion").

9.Given time, more DNA would precipitate from the solution. The solution now contains 3 layers, the liquid kiwi solution at the bottom, DNA, and...

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