Do not Ignore Calcination Process in Ceramsite Production Line

Do not Ignore Calcination Process in Ceramsite Production Line

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Ceramsite is a type of granular solid particle made with ceramsite production line by sintering with clay, shale and gangue. Such features as light weight, low water absorption, good anti-seismic property, frost resisting and corrosion resistance make ceramsite and ceramsite sand products widely used in construction and petroleum field. So we need the ceramsite sand making production line to help us to produce them, and we should not Ignore Calcination Process in Ceramsite sand Production Line.

Calcination process in ceramsite sand production line is in the folowing: Material ball into a certain Angle of the rotary kiln for calcining, with the rotation of the rotary kiln, the material is rolling to the kiln head, pulverized coal from the kiln head sprayed into the furnace at the same time, the ball in the rotary kiln is calcined into strength high ceramsite sand. Pulverized coal burner can be used in a single duct pulverized coal burner, simple, reliable and a high air volume; it Also can use multiple duct burners, an air volume can reduce 8% of the volume required for pulverized coal combustion, improves the secondary air into the kiln, energy-saving effect is significant.Multiple duct coal burner is divided into outer shaft wind flow and wind, inner shaft wind flow, etc., the flame shape is very easy to adjust. The measurement of pulverized coal can use rotor weigher scales or coriolis force, under the precise control of coal quantity, stable furnace thermal system.

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