Do You Have a Dream?

Do You Have a Dream?

Do you have a dream? Then promise yourself that you won’t stop chasing it until you’re living it. No excuses. No doubts. No trade-offs. Just YOU becoming everything you’ve ever dreamed of being.

There is just no way of running away from it; as long as you’re surrounded by parents, teachers, friends and other people who are giving you – loving – advice and guidance, your dreams are in jeopardy. You may be asking yourself why? This is because no matter how big the dreams you have for yourself, becoming an actress; starting a band or even learning to fly, their dreams for you will always be greater. And suddenly, in light of all their overwhelming enthusiasm and excitement, the things you want for yourself seem small, childish or even a waste of time. Sound familiar? Then now is the time to get your dreams back, wrestle them to the ground and refuse to give up until they are all yours.

So, with all the emotional noise around you, how can you even pick out what your real dreams are? I guess it’s an internal issue…you know, something you just know along with everything that you are. Something that makes you feel alive, important, special, invincible, and vibrant. Even if you have never pinned it down with a word or an image, you’ll know what things make you feel like that and what kind of a future inspires those thoughts in you. To find this feeling, casually watch your life as it flows and pick out the things that arouse that electric kind of passion in you. That is probably what your heart is attracting towards you.

So, let’s say you’ve got that dream tucked away in your heart. Now what? No need to question. Simply follow. Throw all your energies into chasing that dream rather than holding back the better part of yourself just because you’re scared or undecided.

Here’s the thing: little dreams, like little plants, die easily when people trample all over them. So if you know you’re going to be smacked down with negativeness every time you mention it,...

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