Do You Know Disposal of construction wastes

Do You Know Disposal of construction wastes

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The cone crusher is a new type of crusher among them, because it is possible to more finely crushed ore and other material, thus using this crusher for crushing construction waste has great advantages. There are major two methods to broken construction waste through using cone crusher, one is just shatter the rubbish, then idle them to landfill; the other is completely crushed garbage and recycle them.

The first mode: There is usually no effect and no recycling value for building materials, also have little effect for local environment. Construction waste will generally be discarded to the outskirts and other places by enterprises or the construction units, but it often can not avoid the visual impact on people, the cone crusher can solve this problem. Compared to other crushers and provides with capabilities of broking bits for various ores and other materials. Therefore, it’s quite appropriate for the treatment of these useless building materials.

The second mode: Use the general cone crusher to smash for the abandoned buildings of concrete and brick waste, production of coarse aggregate, the SMH series hydraulic cone crusher is the further crushing step, which also can produce concrete, brick or preparation such as, mortar, wall, floor tiles and other building materials products with high strength.

It can also be used for road pavement base after processing the coarse and fine aggregate. Because the precisely crushing superiority of cone crusher, the sediment can also be changed into mixing pulverized. The final products can be used in road construction, pile filler, foundation etc. The roles that cone crusher plays are far more than these in the construction garbage. Cone crusher has done the first step when dealing with concrete blocks, waste, waste mortar, brick fragments, asphalt block material.
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