Do You Know How Does Coal Slime Dryer Work?

Do You Know How Does Coal Slime Dryer Work?

With the continuous development of China's economy and infrastructure, the requirements on the quantity and quality of Mining stone are increasing, which becomes an important support for today's economic development. Fote Machinery according to the development of the industry is professional in the research and production of various dryers which is the most traditional and widely used one.

Coal slime dryer, a kind of rotary or rotary drum dryer equipment, is very mature drying equipment that mining manufacturers produce, and it is applied for the coal industry, cement industry etc. to dry materials. This dryer is characterized by high productivity and easy operation.

Then, how does coal slime dryer work?

Coal slime itself has the property of heavy moisture and high cohesiveness, so in the drying process, firstly, it should be scattered, next, it enters a negative-pressure dryer. After that, the drying job is done in four districts: the first one is the feeding district, in which the wet coal slime meets the high-temperature negative-pressure air, in result, plenty of water vapor quickly comes out. Coal slime is soon exported by the shoveling plate to the second working district, that is, the cleaning district, where the wet coal slime forms the shape of a curtain by the shoveling of the shoveling plate, as a result, the slime is prone to stick to the cylinder wall when falling. But, there is cleaning device, it can quickly remove the slime on the cylinder wall. In this process, the cleaning device can break material lumps, so as to increase the heat exchange area between the material and the hot air and promote the drying rate. The third one is the inclined lifting plate district with low temperature and dryness. The slime here is loose with low moisture, no longer bonds, which meets the moisture requirement of the finished products after heat exchange. Next, the drying process moves on to the fourth district-the discharge district, where the materials...

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