Do You Think “Serendipity Is Random"

Do You Think “Serendipity Is Random"

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1.Do you think “serendipity is random,” as some say? Why or why not?

I think it is, According to the story this company would like to make the medicine for treat heart diseases but the result come up with the unexpected result which can work really well to MED problem and have a great success in this business.

As the result sometime products would not meet the need as company want it to be but sometime the serendipity or unexpected thing can be happened to product and it would reach the product to another way of success and change to a new objective which can be more effective to the market.

2.What does the “discovery” of Viagra and Cialis tell us about the strategic management process? About the role of strategic initiatives?

It can tell that in doing business whatever we plan for our product sometime the product can be failed to reach the result as we want or sometime the unexpected results could be happened so we should have emergent strategy to moderate or support those unexpected results as the manager in the case they see that the unexpected result can meet the need of MED problem so they quickly turn this unexpected to gain the opportunity on MED problem and it success.

In this case the role of strategic initiatives ,the company could not achieve their target because of the unexpected result of their product However they could use the serendipity and success on that.

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