Do I hace to Submit an Essay to join

Do I hace to Submit an Essay to join

 Eric Elersic
HW 1
CPS 301
1. Professional conduct is your ethics, morals, and standards of behavior. It determines your credibility. To have good professional conduct you must keep and unbiased opinion of all of your cases. You must keep the case confidential. To improve your professional conduct you should continue your training by attending workshops, conferences, and vendor courses. Record fact finding and methods in a journal and achieve a high public and private standing and maintain honesty and integrity.

2. Data recovery is the recovery of information that was deleted by mistake or lost. Typically you would know what you’re looking for. Computer Forensics is the task of recovering data that users have hidden or deleted and using it as evidence.

3. Five common corporate crimes are: E-mail harassment, falsification of data, gender and age discrimination, embezzlement, and sabotage. Organizations can avoid litigation by establishing company policies that are easy to read and follow. Another way is to display warning banners. This establishes the right to conduct an internal investigation.

4. Your evidence disk should be write-protected to avoid altering the evidence in any way. This helps keep the integrity of the evidence.

5. An evidence custody form is a form that helps document what has been done with the original evidence and the forensic copies. Three things that should be listed on the form are: the case number, the investigator, and a description of the evidence.

6. A bit-stream image is an exact copy of the original disk. Backup copy’s only the known software and it cannot copy deleted files or recover file fragments.

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