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4. Use of e-portfolios in assessment
4.1 4.2 Introduction Scope
A typical e-portfolio

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Preparing to introduce e-portfolios
Drivers Capacity to manage and skills required

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Benefits of using e-portfolios in assessment
Assisting the assessment process



Key issues related to e-portfolios
Strategic issues Staff commitment and training Ownership of the e-portfolio and its content Technology issues

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Selecting an e-portfolio system
Overall principles Initial checks Involving staff in the decision-making process

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Functionality and fitness for purpose
Key functional requirements — summary Detailed functional requirements and issues

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Related annexes A6 A7 A8 Functionality checklist Types of e-portfolio Technical issues for e-portfolios 153 161 163


E-assessment: Guide to effective practice

4.1 Introduction
Using portfolios of evidence has long been part of the traditional assessment process for a range of qualifications. The use of e-portfolios in assessment has now also been adopted by many awarding bodies and accepted by the qualifications regulators. In the context of this document, an e-portfolio is defined as an electronic version of a ‘traditional’ evidence portfolio, not a wider learning portfolio. It consists of a system and process that enables secure, computer-based verification and assessment of evidence. This guide is intended to assist staff in centres to: ♦ understand the key issues involved in using e-portfolios for assessment ♦ put in place appropriate systems and supporting processes ♦ ensure that people have, or acquire, the requisite skills to manage and use systems and processes efficiently and effectively ‘Awarding bodies are moving quickly towards acceptance of electronic scripts. Paper-based systems will simply not be sufficiently scaleable, and e-portfolios will therefore be needed to support the...

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