Doc. Slum

Doc. Slum

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In the slums of Normville, nobody was ever recognized for doing anything out of the ordinary, except for old Rufus who threw a football at the President back in1955. Ken Marciano was a local club fighter in Normville and was known for his strong courage and never-say-die attitude; he once knocked out his opponent in the last round after losing all of the other 9 rounds of the match. Ken had a pregnant wife, Carrie and they lived in a little apartment just beside the general store.

Sting Robinson was the present heavyweight champion and he had yet another title defense coming up against some has-been. Robinson was getting tired of easy wins against the same contenders, so he came up with a brilliant idea. He said to his manager that he wanted to try something different this time; he wanted to pick a fighter at random and give them a shot at the greatest title in the world. Robinson’s manager approved of the idea and set a date in which the lucky fighter would be chosen.

When the time had come for the fighter to be chosen, Robinson picked out the name Ken Marciano. When Marciano found out about what had happened he was in shock. The next day Ken’s wife Carrie went into labour three months prematurely and slipped into a coma. Marciano couldn’t accept the challenge for he just couldn’t leave his wife’s bedside. Ken’s trainer, Don came and visited him and gave a few words of advice to him, mentioning that chances like these don’t come too often. Ken knew that, but still couldn’t leave his wife.

Two months went by and Ken still hadn’t left the hospital. Then one night Carrie awoke! Ken was ecstatic and gave her the baby to hold. Carrie then asked Ken if he had fought Sting Robinson yet and Ken answered that he couldn’t leave her and the baby by themselves. Carrie then asked the nurse to leave and told Ken to go out and make her and the baby proud by winning. Ken felt a rush of relief after getting permission from Carrie to fight and wasted no time...

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