Based from the article given, we analyzed some points regarding to its Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities as well as Threads of Docomo Company in running their business in the period 2001.


• DoCoMo had become the most valuable mobile telecommunications company in the world and was poised to capitalize on its enormous global expansion opportunities.
• DoCoMo got their product to the greatest test laboratory of all-the Japanese consumer. Japanese consumers may be the world's savviest when it comes to electronic gadgets.

• I-Mode is tailor made for keeping in touch and having fun. These young people constantly e-mail each other and even send pictures to one another on a regular basis with their I-Mode phones.
• It is the only cell-phone in the world that allows its user to have continuous access to the Internet via a cell phone. What sets the I-Mode apart from current American devices, such as the Palm VII by 3Com Corp., is that these systems must establish new dial-up connections each time a user wants to access information from the Internet. The I-Mode stays connected as long as a signal is available and batteries remained charged - a major advantage for any one on the go.
• The sleek styles available and the fact that it comes in a lightweight 90-gram design (so light, in fact, that some people carry the I-Mode cell phones on a key chain), give this product mass appeal.

• The I-Mode phones also have the ability to control "smart" appliances in the home and can enable users to activate vending machines with purchases billed to a personal account

• Prices for the I-Mode cell phone service have been kept cheap in order to guarantee its success.


• Using I-Mode, connections to the web can be achieved at a speed of 9.6 kilobits per second, which is far slower than a PC with a telephone modem.

• Industry experts claimed that the...