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MGMT 5260 X



December 29, 2008

Section X:
Wednesday 7:00-10:00 PM
SSB E111

Course Secretary: JoAnne Stein, N305B,,
416-767-2100 x55087

Professor: Burkard Eberlein
Office: SSB N 209
Telephone: (416) 736-2100 x44592
E-mail: (best way to reach me quickly)
Office Hours: By appointment—I am usually available before class.

All prerequisites (all 5100 courses) required or instructor permission.
Course description

This course focuses on value creation—through management action—in a multi-level and multi-actor environment. First, we will introduce ideas and frameworks that address the process of value-creation in a complex environment: we will explore questions such as what is value, how is value created, what and who drives values toward which ends?

Second, we locate the business enterprise (the firm) at the heart of the value creation process and explore links among the actors it interacts with to create value: shareholders, NGOs, governments, consumers, and employees. Some of these actors such as NGOs and governments create value in their own right, but all affect value creation in a business setting. For each of these actors we ask the following questions: what is their (value) purpose and contribution to value creation, their resource base, and their impact on the firm and on the broader environment?

Third, we ask the question: how does business relate to this multi-actor environment? Building on a distinction between different modes of interaction and governance, we address the dynamics of collaboration, competition, and conflict in the value creation process from a strategic and leadership perspective. The leadership skills that were introduced in MGMT 5150 will be revisited as we focus on developing solutions to the problem of creating value in a multi-actor and...

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