ACR-111 LAB # 3a instructor’s initials ___________

Answer the following questions by matching the correct word with the correct definition

DT Specific Heat Sensible Heat Latent heat
BTU Cold -460º refrigerant
Bourdon tube Radiation thermodynamic law PSIG
BTU Temperature Mass Equilibrium liquid Vapor Matter Solid

1. ____________ is the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one
degree Fahrenheit
2. ____________ is the amount of heat required to raise one pound of a substance
one degree Fahrenheit
3. ____________ is the heat that can be measured
4. ____________ is commonly called hidden heat
5. ____________ heat is a energy cannot be created or destroyed
6. ____________ is the name we use to describe the different levels of heats
7. ____________ heats the first object it touches with out heating the space in
8. ____________ is what everything is made of
9. ____________ is the difference between two levels of heats intensity
10. ____________ mechanical part that causes the needle to move in gauges
11. ____________ pressure at sea level
12. ____________ is a unit of measurement for the volume of heat being moved
13. ____________ is the absence of heat
14. ____________ condition when no heat transfer will take place
15. ____________ condition where all molecular...

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