Does Accent Matter

Does Accent Matter

Critical Review.

Competition will always play a massive part within the media industry. Working within the media sector can include big money and adrenalin rushing jobs and should not be included in the category of the so-called conventional and tedious job that a 9-5 job can offer. And this is therefore the reason why competition, diversity and quality should be pushed to achieve its maximal potential.
With competition comes advances and improvements therefore the industry has experienced accelerated growth within the independent production sector, allowing smaller companies to compete to supply broadcasters with programming. (Antcliff, 2005) In allowing independent productions voices to be heard this creates further diversity and would therefore cater for additional sources of what the public watches.

‘Diversity of information, or media diversity, as the concept is often referred to in most democratic countries, is considered to be of crucial value and a central objective of communications and media policy.’ Van Cuilenburg (1999, p188)

Having competition within media can only make people strive to achieve higher goals, and therefore boost ratings. One broadcasters often use to improve is to develop on existing programmes which have been successful rather than inventing totally new programmes which can often be a risky move. Genre often plays a role to achieve a higher goal as new ones are always being invented. Park (1992)
One of the ways in order to do the above is to have a diverse work force, where a broadcasting company employs people from different minorities and uses what benefits they can supply to benefit themselves. A positive impact of this is to employ someone from an ethnic minority to lead a report about their own country. They would then have the necessary background knowledge about that countries religion, culture and geographical perspective to help improve the report and therefore give it more authenticity. A negative approach...

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