Does It Mean the Quality of Writing

Does It Mean the Quality of Writing

We may have some problems when we read a text which is difficult for us. In this case, our

ability to understand the text is insufficient to interpret the text and failed to deal with

essential points. The writers first priciple has to consider useful help for readers. “Two things

are required of any textbooks:first, that it should explain what its subject is; second, and more

important, that it should be explain how and by what methods we can achieve it.” ( Longinus,

pp.462). At that time, we need sublime which shows us the quality of writing. For Longinus,

the sublime describes great, and elevated language. In this way, readers get the quality, which

they want, and they reach an enthusiasm. I try to answer what is the meaning of sublimity,

what is the differences of sublimity, what the real sublimity is, and also what is the

relationship between real sublimity and imitation.

Longinus illustrates Sublimity which is a kind of eminence or excellence of discourse.

Longinus uses different words to describe the meaning of sublimity, but the most important

thing is that ecstasy associated with sublime. Sublime produces ecstasy rather persuation

according to Longinus assignment. “the combination of wonder and astonishment always

proves superior to the merely persuasive and pleasant. This is because persuation is on the

whole something we can control, whereas amazement and wonder exert invincible power and

force and get the better of every hearer.” (Longinus, pp.462). We can understand that if

Güner 2

something is sublime, we don’t have a choice, we can’t control the text but if something is not

a sublime, you can control the text, you can create your own text. Creation is up to you, it

means intellectual bussiness. But sublimity does not give a...

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