Does Media Violence Have an Effect on the Youth of America?

Does Media Violence Have an Effect on the Youth of America?

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Thomas Dawson
8 March 2013
J. Coy/ENG 201
Academic Research Paper

Does media violence have an effect on the youth of America?
The argument on how much influence the media has on youth has lingered for many years. From the pages of books, comics, television, videogames, and now the internet. The media continues to be a doormat for the delinquent actions of children and the connection they have with violent behavior. Although violence and "unethical" media conduct can influence the perceptions a child has on the world, it is reckless to put total blame on the media for violent behavior. The inclination of judgment is beginning to point in the direction towards media violence attributing to violent youth in America, even though there are still many who are not convinced. It would be irrational to conclude that the media hot button is irresponsible until we research, and know the facts before establishing a powerful opinion.

Literature Review
"The media" is depicted as a broad spider web term which circumscribes the belief of mass communication like newspapers, television, the Internet etc. As the years go by, the delivery of the media has changed. A large portion of the media is constructed to influence and mold the population into a fixed way of thinking. We live in a society of propaganda supremacy from the election of Presidents, the passing and failing of laws to citizens joining and/or protesting militaries simply due to propaganda with little or no validity to back up these promises. The above statements are appropriate to this topic due to the control of information and distorted truth. For centuries now "the media" has caused violence in youth in one way or another.
Whether we listen to it, or fight against it the influence of mass media forms all of our lives in some way. But is it the cause for violence in our youth? We’ve all heard it before. Blame it on TV or other means of media. If a child bludgeons another...

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