Does Tea Make Plants Grow Better Than Water

Does Tea Make Plants Grow Better Than Water

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PROBLEM: Does tea make a plant grow better than water?

My project was over how tea affects the growth of plants. Over all of my experiment, I have witnessed a lot of changes in the growth. My hypothesis stated that I think the plant fed with tea will grow faster than the one being fed with water. At first when I started giving the plants the tea and water, they did not show any difference in growth process. They were both the same for about two or three weeks and then they slowly started edging up. After about five weeks, the variable plant, tea fed plant, was getting taller than the water fed plant, or control group. I fed the plants the same amount of water or tea about every Wednesday and Sunday. I then began my research to find out what was in the tea that would make a plant grow faster and just putting water on them. Tea contains many nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is also high in fluoride. A cup of tea provides approximately 0.1 mg. of fluoride, which is higher than in fluorinated water. Many of these nutrients and vitamins help the growth of a plant just like nutrients and vitamins help our bodies. Tea holds a great deal of energy for plants giving good nitrogen content for healthy leaf growth. So after all my experiment, the tea fed plant tended to grow faster than the water fed plant. My conclusion comes to be that my hypothesis was correct. Tea has an affect on plants which makes them grow better than just feeding them water. My report ends at this time.

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