Dog Batch

Dog Batch

Purpose Statement:

By the end of my speech, I will hope to inform my audience on how to properly groom and bath their dog and how to perform a health check on their dog as well.

Thesis Statement: Extending your best friends life is as simple as a daily check and simple grooming.
Your thesis statement should include your main points to be a real summary of your speech.



Imagine this, it’s Saturday morning, which is normally your sleep in late day, and your dog burst into your.?? He jumps on your bed and greets you with a little face licking. You don’t get upset because he is your best friend and he is too cute to get mad at anyways. But you can’t help to notice that he smells unusually bad today. Dogs have a particular smell to them, but he just upright stinks. You get out of bed and decide to give him a bath. You also notice that it has been about six months since he has seen the local veterinarian. You call the vet to make an appointment, but your buddy can’t be seen for another two weeks. Your dog isn’t sick, but you just want to make sure that everything is ok and that nothing is seriously wrong with his health. Well I can teach you how to perform a health check of your dog that will save you from a huge bill from the doctor. I will also show you how to properly bath and groom your dog as well. DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or veterinarian. However, I did graduate from the Department of Defense Military Working Dog Handler Course and I am trained annually to perform the task I am about to show you.

(Transition: Ok so let’s get started with bathing your dog. But first let me introduce you to Lincoln. Lincoln is a 6 month old Beagle and will be our practice dummy.)


I. Bathing
A. First thing you’ll need to do is fill the bath tub with warm water.
i. Then you should place you dog in the tub when you have enough water.
ii. Soak your dog with water then proceed...

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