Doing Better by the Environment

Doing Better by the Environment

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Course Title: International Business
Course Code: MGT2133

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Dept. of Business Administration

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M.A.Rahaman 2012210000150

Section: 3

Date of Submission: 07-04-2015

7th april, 2015
MD. Ibnul Aziz
Lecturer of Business Administration
Southeast University.

Subject: Akij group.

Dear Sir,
With a great pleasure we have submitted the assignment on the “ Akij group” which has been done by the help of our teacher MD. Ibnul Aziz, Lecturer of Southeast University.

We got the opportunity to achieve the knowledge of the impact of jute industry and we understand the position of it.Moreover, we are ever grateful to our teacher for him co-ordination about our subject matter.

Thank you
Yours sincerely.



In performing our assignment, it's a successful one we had to take the help and guideline of you. First of all we are grateful to Allah who gives us sound mind & sound health to accomplish our assignment. The completion of the assignment gives us much Pleasure. We would like to thank our gratitude to MD. Ibnul Aziz , Southeast University, Bangladesh for giving us a good guideline for assignment. We would like to thank School of Business Studies, Southeast University for updated education system in Bangladesh. Lastly we would like to deliver our whole hearted thanks to all the BBA. So we pray the long life and good health for all the persons who have helped and co-operated us in our assignment.

7th april, 2015

This report is prepared with respect to the course of International business. We are assigned to prepare a term paper by our honorable course instructor MD. Ibnul Aziz. Our task is to make a report on ‘Akij group’ and complete a study that covers all...

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