Doing Business in China

Doing Business in China

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Doing Business in China
Do´s & Don´ts
1. Meeting and Greeting       For greeting Chinese do a slight nod Wait until the business partner´s hand reaches out and reply with an easy handshake Hugs should be evaded A few words in the local language would be advantageous “Nie hao” to say “good afternoon” & “Zai jian” to say “Goodbye” Salutation should be done with surname and title

2. Use of Time      Punctuality on arrival is considered very important It is not unusual for Chinese to arrive 15-30 minutes before the time appointed Chinese do have a double moral standard: On the one hand, they do not want to steal business partner´s precious time On the other hand, they expect a liberal amount of time for repeated consideration of the details of a transaction and for cultivating business-relationships

3. Business Dress      Dress neatly and conservatively Chinese do set value on a groomed appearance, they reason from this if you are a successful and trustful businessman Traditional clothing should be avoided Favorite colours for suits are black, dark grey, navy blue Women should avoid transparent, tight, short and revealing clothes

4. Business Cards      Business cards are handed over with both hands while standing Take a look in detail, that shows respect for your business partner Quality of your business card is very important Typeface and the quality of paper and print reveal much of the rank and the importance of the holder Ensure that you create your business card with adequate care and use high quality in paper & print and do it bilingual (Chinese and English or German)

5. Business Meeting           Chinese prefer meetings to be formal It is important to establish the foundation of a relationship and build slowly Business meetings typically start with pleasantries and general conversation Meetings are principally for information gathering, real decisions will be made elsewhere Pace of negotiation will be slow and...

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