Doing Business in Japan

Doing Business in Japan

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Today, many companies are growing from small business to big business. Most

successful companies are now trying to expand their business throughout the world and

looking for the right country to invest their business. Example of successful business

organizations are McDonald, Nike, Sony, Adidas, these companies were already

everywhere around the world. In today's hyper-competitive, globalized world, doing

business in Japan is a logical step for many organizations. Why??

Firstly, The Japanese market is well established, as opposed to the rapidly

emerging markets of other Asian countries, such as China and India. Japan has a lengthy

history of technology and product development and acquisition and is enjoying slow to

moderate growth, with the end of a 12-year recession. Despite this recession, the

Japanese economy is still larger, in real terms, than China. Add to this the benefit of a

modern and comparatively legal system, financial markets, governance systems, patent

laws, and a business code that is both highly ethical as well as predictable. China does not

offer these benefits, in their economy. There is still much work to be done to China's

legal and financial systems to be of similar value as Japan. Companies that invest in

Japan might get their products recognize around the world through the large new Asian


Secondly, Japan have excellent human resources. Highly skilled workforce, it is

recommended for companies that are in need of skilled employees. Japan have high

percentage of individuals graduated from university education and also most of them are

high intellect, creative, motivated people, it will help to build up company to perform

even better. Adding to that, Japanese employees are mostly loyal to the company and

hate to betray.

Thirdly, advanced technologies is needed for developing companies, Japan has all
kind of technologies. It can always keep you...

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