Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time

Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time

Doing the right thing at the right time

Doing the right thing at the right time means, being or doing what you are supposed to do at the appointed time and place. With out it things don’t get done, people can get hurt or killed, and equipment can get damaged, stolen, or not get fixed.

Doing the right thing instead of your own thing, means following orders to keep your unit running the way it is supposed to, the company commander lays out the plan to run the company and you get your orders. If you don’t follow those orders and do your own thing then the commander’s plan fails.

At the right time should speak for itself. If you are doing the right thing but at the wrong time you could still cause damage, injury, or death. If some one rushes in to the ER with their hand missing, and the doctor there starts taking vital signs instead of stopping the bleeding, then that person will die. Taking the persons vital signs is the right thing to do, but should come after the bleeding is stopped.

T.V. is always telling parents to do the right thing by talking to their kids about drugs, alcohol, sex, and driving. Yet when you look closely at the commercials they don’t say when the right time is. So does that make the parents wrong if they listen to the commercials and talk to their kids, only to find out they are already having sex, doing drugs, drinking, or have gotten into an accident, or a combination of those four?
I don’t think so, I would blame the people who come up with the commercials for not taking a pole and finding the optimal age. These days parents are trying to work so their kids will have what they need or want and don’t always think when a good time would be, so if the commercials would give them an age it might work out for the best.

Parents also don’t talk to their kids about the guns they have in the house, and also don’t keep them in a safe place, or have a trigger lock on them. That is the parents not doing the right thing at the right...

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