Dolphins and Elephants

Dolphins and Elephants

Who's smarter Dolphins or Elephants?

Some people say that dolphins are smarter than elephants but some people think that what is really true is that elephants are smarter than dolphins but who is right and who is wrong?

Elephants actually have the longest period of learning - next to humans – because they are born with their brain weighting about 35% of an adult's brain weight this indicates that elephants have the highest capability of learning and that their behavior is not mere instinct but must be taught during their life making them able to learn various things in their lives.

In defense of dolphins… Dolphins actually have larger brains than even humans, their brains are very large comparing their size and they're also very complex making them even smarter than whales that have a brain that is about 5 times bigger than dolphins.

In favor of elephants… Elephants are known to have death rituals! They are often seen gently "investigating" the bones with their trunks and feet while remaining very quiet. Sometimes even unrelated elephants will still visit their graves.

In defense of dolphins… Dolphins communicate with each other with a highly developed language. Using their "whistling" language, dolphins can warn the other dolphins of danger, share their excitement and possibly other emotional states.

In favor of elephants… Elephants are the only animals that actually do things for their own entertainment and not others, they sometimes suck the water with their trunks and then spray it like a fountain.

In defense of dolphins… Dolphins can learn and perform lots of fun and complex tricks, they can do flips, play ball, jump through hoops and many other tricks. Some dolphins were capable of even saying a few human words!

In favor of elephants…Elephants can draw paintings! It is actually true that elephants can be very artistic and draw paintings using their highly sensitive trunks to hold the brushes. With human guidance elephants can be...

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