Domain Design for Security Worksheet

Domain Design for Security Worksheet

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´╗┐University of Phoenix Material

Networking Service Request Final Project

Week One

Resources: Service requests SR-lf-003, SR-ht-011, and SR-kf-015; and the Lafluer Trading Company, Huffman Trucking, and Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organizations

Review this entire document.

Choose one of the SR-lf-003, SR-ht-011, or SR-kf-015 service requests to develop for your final Learning Team project.

Lafluer Trading Company
Huffman Trucking
Kudler Fine Foods

Week Two

Resource: Service request SR-lf-003, SR-ht-011, or SR-kf-015

Write a 1- to 2-page memo to the requesting organizational officer confirming that your organization or team will address the service request.

Include the top priorities or risks you have identified that are critical to achieve the expected results. Recommend any needed network operating system upgrade. Recommend an appropriate domain model. Address how Organizational Units (OUs) and Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) group structures (if used) will be required to implement the expected results.

Week Three

Resource: Service request SR-lf-003, SR-ht-011, or SR-kf-015

Write a 3- to 5-page paper to detail the design and associated logic to implement access controls required by the service request. Include security effects, controls or enhancements implicit in your overall design, and the specific expected outcomes of your access controls. Identify 5 to 10 expected ongoing management tasks that might help the organization to prepare to administer the network operating system. Include any required graphics integral to the service request. This paper should address the specific requirements in the service request.

Format your paper as an appropriate business document. In-text citations and references must be formatted consistent with APA guidelines.

Include at least four references, two of which may be from course materials.

Week Four

Resource: Service request...

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