Domestic market: peanut in shandong market sales price falling when it meets cold

Domestic market: peanut in shandong market sales price falling when it meets cold

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Jiaodong peninsula has been producing peanut exports in China, the average annual exports account for over 70% of the total amount of export in China and then peanut export market prospects for the domestic price of peanut has a vital images.So of peanut exports what now?

According to many years engaged in peanut acquisition of villagers said, in the face of falling price of peanut, he had to stop the peanuts, but can only be turned to the deep processing of peanuts.The villagers thought, peanut prices lower, mainly because the export market is not good.

Export co., LTD is located in lacey had los nuts in Qingdao, the company mainly export all kinds of peanut products, export palm oil processing plant ( in Qingdao region, export quotas ranked first in the European Union.Company dong, director of the factory director, said that in previous years, more than exports, the warehouse the goods you can pile from the ground to the top beam, and this year orders decreased significantly, the warehouse is empty inside.

Due to passive follow orders, orders for collection and storage, without order, can only slow down the speed of collection and storage.Factory director dong thought, now foreign market demand is not big, the European economic crisis has continued for many years;With the world and the domestic price of peanut peanut prices up on the high side, last year the farmer's expectations.

In order to change the status quo, the factory director dong thought mainly to increase the demand for peanut, mainly sunflower oil extraction ( enterprises, in particular, they are more certain supporting function to the price, because 60% of China's peanuts for oil.At the same time, the state shall be appropriate to the minimum protective price, such as corn, wheat, fundamentally protect the interests of farmers.

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