Don't Use This One

Don't Use This One

First Listing Appointment:

10 open-ended questions:

1. Tell me about your portfolio?
2. What are your investment plans after you sell your property?
3. How do you feel about the vacancies in the current market?
4. Tell me what you think about how the new construction in the area will affect you property?
5. Under what circumstances would you sell your property?
6. Tell what your plans are with your proceeds from the sell of the property?
7. Describe the leases you currently have in your property?
8. Explain what your plans are when the leases come to the end of the terms?
9. Describe the capital improvements you have completed in the time you have owned the property?
10. How did you decide you were going to purchase this particular property?
11. What are your criteria when you consider purchasing a new property?
12. What do you think the real estate market will be like in 10 years?
13. How did you get into real estate?
14. What are your motivations for owning commercial real estate?
15. What other areas of the market would you like to get into?

5 Interest Generators

1. Tell me about your investments in Northern Colorado?
2. Have you thought about expanding your portfolio or placing your money into national tenant buildings?
3. How do you feel about the lower rents that retail properties are marketing these days? In your experience, what do you think the future holds for rents?
4. When you sell your property what are your plans for the proceeds?
5. What are your priorities concerning the sell of your property?

The previous are questions designed to dig deep into the mind of the seller in commercial real estate. These are just examples however they can be tailored. Ideally you want to find what is the main motivation for potentially selling a property. It is just like mining, once you hit a vein then you have to keep digging before you get to the good stuff. You can do this by using many...

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