Dona Prima International: Project Management

Dona Prima International: Project Management

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Project Management C19PT
Session 2010-2011

Course Co-ordinator: Mohamed Salama
Submission Deadline: 4.00pm Sunday 21st November 2010
SSO Block 12

Your group represents an executive Project Management firm tendering for a contract to manage Dona Prima Internationals latest fashion show. As part of your tender you are required to submit a strategic project plan, in the form of a Project Report, for the following project. You are also required to present your ideas for effective execution of the project to the client (see module guide for details). Your company must advise Dona Prima Internationals Project Director; Mr. Mohamed Salama of intention to submit a tender bid, within two weeks of invitation to tender, after this time your company will be removed from the tender list.

Due to increased competition in the fashion industry your client is cost driven. You must adhere to the fixed dates and attempt to achieve the target completion dates stated in the project brief. You should therefore seek to complete the project to the highest value, in the shortest space of time and at the lowest cost to your client.

Working as a team, the report must include the following:

Part A
1. Title Block
• This should clearly state the project title, client details and your company details.
2. Project Scope Statement
• The scope statement should include a project description, project aims, objectives, milestones and critical success factors.
3. Project Organisational Breakdown Structure.
• This chart should clearly identify the project team, consultants, suppliers, contractors, local authorities, utilities and all other project stakeholders.
4. Project WBS
• This chart should clearly identify how the project is to be broken down into manageable tasks.
5. Responsibility Matrix
• This chart should identify the responsibility...

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