donald trump

donald trump

Leader Analysis Paper.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and often times, vary in nationality about as far and wide as the ocean. This paper examines the type of leader Donald Trump has become through his many endeavors; we’ll also look at Trump's childhood and access how it influenced his leadership style and his blind spots in his character. (Baldoni, J. (2015). States that "One of the reasons for Donald Trump’s rise in the polls is that he appears authentic, and that he seems real unscripted, unlike so many politicians." It’s important to remember that peoples’ social, political and economic position in life greatly influences their perspectives, ideas, and their senses as it relates to reality.


It is said “there are two types of people”, the unfortunately blessed winners and the fortunately blessed losers; all in pursuit of one thing, success. In this analysis of leadership we will not juxtapose the two types of people in this world as listed above, but also examine one of the most controversial politicians of all time, Donald Trump. Authenticity of anything is and has always been a revered quality; even more so in a person who's obtained or looking to obtain a leadership role in society at large. The problem with Donald Trump often times aren’t just the fact that he’s an opportunist, it’s usually his lack of authenticity and sometimes even his verbal ignorance.
Donald Trump was born June 14th, 1946 in Jamaica estates, Queens, neighborhood in New York City (James, J. 2016.) He was one of five children originally but due to the death of his older brother (to alcoholism), Trump is now one of the four living children of Mary & Fred Trump; he has also decided to never involve himself deeply with alcohol or cigarettes due to his elder brother's death. Donald like any other child had behavioral issues while attending Kew-Forest School which ultimately led him to being removed...

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