Dont Be Late

Dont Be Late

Class A Inspection


Terminal Learning Objective

Enable students to successfully participate in a class A inspection
Enabling Learning Objectives
Identify and implement
standard for clothing items
Place nameplate properly
Place insignia properly
Place service ribbons properly
Place badges properly
General appearance

Class A Clothing

Class A Jacket
Males: single-breasted, extends below the crotch, conforming to body shape with no prominent flare, sleeve length is 1” below bottom of wrist
Females:single-breasted, hip-length, conforming to body shape with no prominent flare, sleeve length is 1” below bottom of wrist

Class A Jacket (cont.)
Rank: all Noncommissioned Officers will wear sew-on rank, rank will be centered on the sleeve between shoulder seam and elbow
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia:
centered on left shoulder
½” below top of shoulder

Class A Jacket (cont.)
Service Stripes: centered on the bottom half of the left sleeve, at a 45 degree angle, with the lower end towards the inside seam
Class A Slacks
Slacks are worn so the waistband sit naturally at the waistline
Legs are without cuffs and tailored diagonally so that the slacks fall midway between the top of the heel and the top of the shoe
There may be a slight break in the front of the pant leg
Class A Skirt
Skirts are worn so that
the waistband sits naturally
on the waistline, will fit
properly, and length will be
between 1” above and 2”
below the center of knee

The sleeves of the long sleeve shirt will extend to the center of the wrist bone
Accessories (cont.)
Belt: worn with slacks so that tipped end passes through the buckle but no fabric can be seen.
Males: 1¼” buckle, end
to wearer’s left
Female: 1” buckle
with tuck-in shirt
end to wearer’s right
Accessories (cont.)
Necktie: males will wear four-in-hand tie no shorter than 2” above belt or longer than bottom of...

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