Dont Know...

Dont Know...

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Essay: Truth, knowledge, opininion and skeptism.

We live in a society where the questions about "truth," "knowledge,"

"opinion," and "extreme skeptism" are the greatest things in our lives that

we consider. We live day to day lives thinking what is truth? What is

knowledge? Then we ask ourselves can skeptism truly exist? Well, we

shall answer and explore these questions.

Truth is the co-ordination between the mind and reality. This can

be justified by the example of the opposite, lies. One can't admit he/she

has not told a lie in his/her life. By telling a lie, we are breaking the

co-ordination between the mind and reality, by not telling what we know is

the "truth" in our mind through our words, we have broken the law of

truth: co-ordination between our mind and reality. Now that we have

defined truth, the next question is "what is true?" This is the difficult

question, as to know what "is" true, we must know what the "reality" is.

However, one can not have unlimited co-ordination or communication with

"reality." We can justify this with an example, say that one says that

he/she believes there is a God. He/she then knows in her mind that that

is "true" however it can not be justified because there is no way of

knowing if this is "true" in relation to reality.

The next question is what is opinion? Well, we all opine from time

to time and yet we fail to define exactly what it is. Opinion is the phase

in between truth and false, let me explain this by an example. We could

say that Jessica Alba is the hottest celebrity in the world, this might be

true but we have no idea whether it is or not, nor can we justify this with

any valid reason that makes her more "hot" than any other celebrity in the

world. Opinion is not knowledge infact, it is completely contrasted to

knowledge opinion is a "view point" of a person that is probable.

Sometimes opinion gets...

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