Dont read this im uploading cause I have too

Dont read this im uploading cause I have too

English II

Period 2

C2C Written Reflection

My topic was Animal Abuse, I chose this topic because I have some past experiences with animal abuse. I thought this project was very well thought out and I believe it had a really good meaning behind it. At first when we started I was stressed out and I felt like it was so much work. And it was quite a bit of work but I was able to manage it, and it turned out well. I was also very surprised at how well the presentation went it turned out to be set up very well.
Another thing I wanted to reflect on is the fact that it felt better to be doing a project that actually mad a little bit of a difference. It is much easier to complete your work when you have the motivation to actually do it, and that was the case with this project. I also learned a lot about my topic doing the research and helping out the animal shelter with the animals. I think that this project provides a great learning experience.
Also I thought that the actually hands on work was a good experience, because actually doing something hands on makes a much bigger difference that making a poster about a social issue. I also can honestly say that I learned so much more from actively doing something rather than only doing research.
I think overall this is one of the biggest projects I have ever done, and I learned a lot from it. It is one of those things that I won’t forget about. Especially the presentation it was surprisingly a lot of fun. I can honestly say I think this project was a great experience, even though it was a lot of tough work.

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