Garrison Dykes

Ms. Arrington

English 1101

November 12, 2015


Doubt was is a play written by John Patrick Shanley. In 2007, film production began on the Pulitzer Prize play Doubt. With John Patrick Shanley directing and Scott Rubin producing, the movie would soon hit for the big screen.

Casting the right actors and actresses would make or break this production. With knowing this, the director knew he had to choose outstanding ability. Merl Streep, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Viola Davis. Each of the listed actors in their own right had been successful in the their on acting careers. With a cast of this magnitude he would truly have a winner at the box office.

Meryl Strep, played Sister Aloysius. Sister Aloysius served as the principal of a Catholic School in the Bronx in 1964. At St. Nicholas Catholic School, Sister Aloysius was in charge of the school, students and nuns. Sister Aloysius was your typical nun in charge, stern and intimidating.

Suspension began after a sermon given by Father Flynn, (Philip Hoffman) on the nature of doubt. Sister Aloysius began to question his behavior after this sermon and asked a young Sister James (Amy Adams)to start watching Father Flynn for any weird behavior. Sister James and Father Flynn shared a closeness and with hesitation, Sister James did not want to share her feelings of Father Flynn and a alter boy named Donald Miller. The alter boy attended St. Nicholas and participated as an alter boy during school hours. After beginning questioned about his and the alter boys behavior, Father Flynn accused the alter boy of drinking alter wine. With great suspicions Sister Aloysius decided to visit Donald Miller's mother, Mrs.

Miller (Viola Davis). With Sister Aloysius disbelief, the alter boy, Donald, did not drink the wine on his on. She questioned Donald's mother about his home situation and conduct. Mrs. Miller was not in favor of bringing nothing forward due...

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