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1. What is the function of the excretory system?

answer: when the kidneys help compesate for water and electrolytes lost in sweat.

2. What is the function of the immune system?
Answer: The immune system is to protect the body from harmful things. The skin is the first line of defense.
3. What is homeostasis?
Answer: Homeostasis is all systems of the body work together to created a equallibrium or a biological balance. This is done by regulating the internal temperature, blood pressure and ph level of the blood.
4. Why is each person's homeostasis different?
Answer: Due to our age, as we grow older our homeostasis changes this is why younger children or adults may have different homeostasis.
5. During this course, you learned about the different systems of the body. Take 2 systems and show how each relates to/impacts/works with the other 10 systems. (See the example with the Integumentary System in the lesson. Do not use the Integumentary System as one of your 2 systems.)
6. Please tell me the following: (Please answer honestly. This will help me as I update and revise the course.) To earn points, you must answer the question. No matter what your answer, you will not lose points.
Did you like taking the course online? Why or why not?
Yes, Because it allowed me to have a more flexual schedule and I got to learn a lot of new information about how our body works as a team.
Name one thing you liked about the course (the online presentation or the content).
The one thing I can say that I liked about this course presentation was the you gave us a lot of informational sites that really helped me through this course.
Name one thing you disliked about the course (the online presentation or the content).
The one thing I disliked if I would have to pick one is that there was no communication with my other peers whom may be taking this course. I think that sitting in class makes you stay on task and allows you to get different...

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