Downsizing Workforce

Downsizing Workforce

The struggle between GM and the workers they laid off in Flint, Michigan is quite evident. The higher ups in GM management, as in Roger Smith, president of General Motors, decided that GM was going to greatly downsize their workforce in order to save some money. Smith moved his factories to Mexico where he could pay the workers a much lower wage than he could in the United States. Some thirty thousand workers were laid off and eleven factories were shut down all together. In cities like Flint, Michigan where the whole community was based around the factory everyone suffered. Parts of Flint became ghost towns and families struggled to provide food and clothes for their children, the city was steadily falling apart and nothing could be done to bring back what was once a strong economy.

As a result of the General Motors closing, thirty thousand people in Flint were forced into poverty. The city became infested with rats and the crime rate soared. In Roger and Me, a documentary by Michael Moore, he followed around Sheriff’s Deputy Fred Ross, a former GM worker, who has the job of pounding on doors and enforcing eviction notices on families of Flint. He depicts how the closing of the G

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At first everyone was excited about the promise of tourists coming to Flint, which would bring money to the city. In Roger and Me, it showed how the rich thought nothing was wrong with Flint and that the public was overacting to the loss of thirty thousand plus jobs. This just shows the ignorance of some people in our society and how if the problem is not directly affecting them they want nothing to do with it.

Roger Smith and GM had the great responsibility of supporting the welfare of GM workers and the community of Flint. Before Smith closed down the factories he was an angel to some people.

On the other hand while the poor got poorer, the rich kept their wealth and were shockingly insensitive to what was happening in their own backyard. Shortly after it opened the...

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