Downtown Destruction

Downtown Destruction

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Garrett Engelbrecht
Instructor Laird
11:00/English 1301

Downtown of Destruction

During the Gustav hurricane it took everything that I had to keep people from

looting my store. I know that the people that are trying to steal from my store are

probably doing it for the good of their families. In some cases they are not, they are just

robbing the place because of the perfect opportunity to do so. I now have to use violence

and threatening signs to keep looters out of my store and protect my wellbeing.

The day was August 29, 2005 when hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast and New

Orleans fell under. I own a little supermarket downtown. I knew at that very moment

when the levy’s broke that our little town of New Orleans was going to be a pit of total

destruction. My store was flooded about one and half feet deep and the windows were

broken from the high winds. After my store was totally destroyed I sat and waited for

the first robbery.

About a day later after the city was destroyed, the town was in total chaos.

Everybody was in a dead rush to get out of New Orleans. After a while everyone started

to realize that they had to fight this one out. All the residence had no running water and

little food. I knew for sure that they would be at my store at any time. The night after the

storm hit and the city was flooded I was in for a rude awakening. The next morning I

wake up and go downstairs to see that almost half of my products and merchandise had

been stolen. I knew the next step was to start using violence to keep these looters to out

of my store. I made signs with vulgar remarks to keep them out. I had a shotgun in my

store for security reasons, and now I was going to have to use it. After about two weeks

of fighting off looters, they had finally gotten the message. Most everybody that I had

threatened new came back to see me. After about three months everything started to clear

up and the...

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