Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas

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Human development
Individual and group counseling
Effective communication
Assessment and intervention strategies
Research skills for reflective practice
Social justice advocacy and leadership
Successful graduates of the program should have the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to earn their certification.
Gwynedd Mercy University has designed this online master’s in school counseling for both current Pennsylvania teachers and for those who do not have teaching certification. Applicants who already have a master’s degree in an education or counseling related field, and wish to earn certification only may apply to our SC Certification Only program.

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Being enrolled at Gwynedd Mercy University helps me everyday. Not only at work but also in my personal life. I look at my bills, and every investment–whether a car, mortgage, or refinancing–on more of an informed business level than I did before.
— Anthony Gamble, Graduate Student,
May 2012
The four main school counseling program interventions used include: school counseling core curriculum classroom lessons and annual academic, career/college readiness, and personal/social planning for every student; and group and individual counseling for some students.[1] School counseling is an integral part of the education system in large numbers of countries and in others it is emerging as a critical support for elementary, middle, and high school learning and/or student health concerns.[2]

An outdated term for the profession was guidance counselor; school counselor is preferred due to school counselors' role in advocating for every child's academic, career, college readiness, and personal/social success in every elementary, middle, and high school.[3] In the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific, some countries with...

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