Draft on Global Warming

Draft on Global Warming

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Global Warming

Thesis Statement:
After years of research throughout the world, these are some of the causes and physical effects of global warming to the people.

Topic Sentence 1:
One of the causes for global warming to happen is greenhouse gases.
Supporting details
1. Greenhouse gases are gases that contribute to greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide has been identified as the most dominant gases in the greenhouse effect. When the sunlight (solar radiation) those enter in the atmosphere through greenhouse gas, it warms the Earth’s surface and then counter back to the atmosphere as heat. The heat that been absorbed by the greenhouse gases will be trap under the lower atmosphere. [[1]] Methane and nitrous oxide are also major forcing contributors to the greenhouse effect.
2. According to the Kyoto Protocol, there are some other artificial gases that also increasing radiation in the atmosphere, which is Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), Perfluorocarbons (PFCs), and Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6)
3. The largest contribution to this greenhouse gases in economic sectors throughout the world are power stations, industrial processes, transportation fuels and agricultural by-products.

Topic Sentence 2:
Other causes that lead to the welcoming of global warming are land use and livestock.
Supporting Details
1. Land use such as deforestation has also become one of the causes for climate change. Deforestation has result a reduction of carbon dioxide to be absorbed by the forest and the release of greenhouse gases frequently together with aerosol to the atmosphere. [[3]]
2. Land use also attribute to climate change by radiative forcing that exist due to the changes of terrestrial albedo by use. However, the consequences is more significant locally than globally.
3. In other hand, livestock production such as deforestation and high fuel-intensive farming practices has contributed more than 18% of anthropogenic/artificial greenhouse gases...

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