Drama in Othello

Drama in Othello

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Othello Essay

Shakespeare’s powerful play ‘Othello’ is an outstanding dramatic work.
Othello’s first words are ‘tis better as it is’ Here Shakespeare clearly shows Othello is the man of the group and isn’t bothered. This is shown:
“Tis better as it is”
Othello produces a lovely, calm and unexpected speech. He, Othello isn’t bothered about what people think because he knows the truth. He has provided a ‘service’ for the Venetians which has lead to a revealing a desire to get closer to Othello. Sadly, everything positive will not endure and he will be involved in a terrible way.
Othello’s character in this story is clearly a very positive are nice but actually he has a very extreme, violent and horrible character deep beneath his powerful and noble exterior; here a terrible and fatal flaw in his character: jealousy.
He is respected honestly and truly by everyone. Shakespeare clearly presents Othello a man who is highly respected by the others. The Duke of Venice, for example greets him with the words:
“VALLIANT OTHELLO” making a dear reference to Othello’s bravery, the Duke establishes that the MOOR is a man to be admired. Indeed, even Iago, already highlighted by Shakespeare as Othello’s arch enemy has to acknowledge the generals military worth:
“Another of his fathom has they more” he says making a note of the fact that the Venetians rely totally on Othello’s heroic status within the Venetian state.

Cassio believes that Othello’s high regard is cruel. It is proven:
“Exist and be a member of his love”
This is explaining the different era live you can’t be apart of Othello’s love.

Shakespeare’s use of language conveys that Cassio admires Othello in the position he takes. Cassio reveals how valuable Othello is. If he doesn’t approve of man it’s as if man can’t live. So for this reason Cassio wants to fall back into favour and ‘EXIST’ again.

However when Othello says
“I will a round unvarnished tale deliver”
It means that Othello is...

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