Drama Response Phase the Crucible

Drama Response Phase the Crucible

Response Phase

For this topic we are doing all about witchcraft and accusations. The play that we performed was the crucible which is about a community of people who's religion was McCarthyism, a very strict form of Christianity in which it is a taboo to dance or sing or pretty much have fun at all. Set in the 17th century it portrays how life in them days was set to firm rules where breakage of the rules resulted in harsh punishments like whipping or hanging to death.

We had a series of lessons in which activities and workshops were based on how we would feel, think and act if we were one of the characters in the story or role-playing a situation in modern day life where we would get accused of something that we shouldn't have done like drinking or taking drugs etc.

The first activity that we did was called "witchcraft and accusations" which we got in a circle and shouted at the smallest girl in the class that we thought she was a witch and that we were going to hang her and whip her and then we asked her questions about how she felt while we were doing this, she said she felt small and vulnerable. I think that the teacher deliberately chose a small student for added effectiveness because if it was one of the very tall boys it wouldn't have affected them as much. It was quite a fun activity because we got to release our anger and take it out on someone else. This was a good warm up for what we would be doing for it gave us a taster of how the people in the play felt and acted when they were being accused and punished for things they did not do. I have to admit that I am not very good at doing this sort of activity because I feel people listening to what I am saying and get slightly humiliated. I am learning though to conquer this and gain confidence and self security and believe that I am doing well.

The next thing that we did for the response phase was sit in a circle and have a discussion about what witches are and the different...

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