Dream House

Dream House

Dream House

Once upon a time there was a girl named Claudia. She lived in the biggest most beautiful mansion with the greenest and colourful garden. They lived on acreage and had a Horse Stable, Cross country track, Drama Stage with costume closet, a gigantic pool with 3 massive slides and a large waterfall, the biggest playground and a big flying fox, 18 hole golf course, tennis court, basketball court, go cart course, some famous theme park rides, a huge movie theatre, dirt bike track, skateboard rink, roller-skate rink, ice skate rink, gym, dance room, gymnastics room, huge fireplace.

They owned a massive kitchen with many cupboards and draws. The bench was huge and their fridge was big. They owned many cars vintage and new, mustangs, Porsches, Lambourgani’s, Ferraris, BMWs and many more. Her father owned had loads of motor bikes.

Her dad owned a very successful home loan business and bank. Dianne owned a very successful international dress shop. That’s why they were so rich. Dianne’s business was international meaning a lot of travelling around the world!

Her room was painted hot pink and she had a very big bed with the most beautiful bed cover you have ever seen. She had a massive chair swing in her room, a windowsill chair, three wardrobes full of the coolest clothes and two wardrobes full of the trendiest shoes, a computer and bean bags and a huge plasma TV that came out of the roof!

She had 8 horses, 6 dogs and 2 cats.

Horses- Kandie, Carnie, Butch, Buck, Gunnango, Aller, Soraya and Princess.

Dogs- Bear, Lucky, Milo, Lola, Kane and Sebastian.

Cats- Mistique and Mr. Puss

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