Dream School

Dream School

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Welcome to Health Care Middle School! We have 160 8th grade students currently studying at this school. Only 5 lucky students can get a scholarship at the end of the school year as a special graduation prize. Those who want to have the future of becoming a successful M.D. or a P.H.D., come to learn here. We teach Math, Science/Biology, Health, and Chemistry. We have some strict rules here you must memorize them before the 2nd trimester:
o Cell phones must be off from 8:00 AM-1:30 PM
o No high heels
o No saggy pants
o May not go out of the campus during break
o May not enter more than three clubs

Our teachers are highly skilled and talented. Our Math teacher, Ms. Juliet, graduated from Yale. Our Science/Biology teacher, Mr. Thompson, graduated from Princeton. Our Health teacher, Ms. Laura, graduated from Harvard. And last of all, Mr. Krench, our Chemistry teacher graduated from Caltech. Every student is separated into different swim teams for P.E. At the end school we have races like the Olympics. There are five clubs: Cooking, Help (helping disabled students), Computer Tech., singing, and art. During the 30 minute break, the students are allowed to go back to their dormitories, relax at the Spa Pool, or hang out in the Outlet mall. The laboratory is only used for Science/Biology and Chemistry classes. We’ll be delighted to teach you many things here at Health Care Middle School!!!

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