Dreams Can Become Realities

Dreams Can Become Realities

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Dreams Can Become Realities

My American Dream is to use known creative/artsy ability to create facilities that will become homes for those who are the neediest in our society. It is necessary to have a vision and focus toward a goal because one must possess dogmatic determination to make dreams a reality. Set plans and record them so they can be reviewed over and over again to assess progress such as: obtaining appropriate formal college education or training; practice skills related to the training to gain experience.

A positive step toward attaining my dream of becoming a career Architectural Engineer someday is researching and finding the right school of higher learning. Utilizing my keen eye for esthetic beauty and good sense of practicality is also a key component in acquiring the dream.

One having an aspiration in becoming a successful Architectural Engineer should be able to sketch and prepare rough sketches and designs. Volunteer to design web pages for firms or request minimal pay as an apprentice of intern with companies or professional people who will train and pay for my services. The training and networking is priceless and the amount of earnings received for each project worked today will not equate to the kind of salary to be earned after one becomes a formal educated professional.

Set the ground work in place so that someday personal and signature designs can be created. One must be able to hear someone else’s ideas and successfully develop what is assigned and required in order to someday create their own. Community service is another very good avenue in attaining experience. It is very important to realize the needs of society that can be met through the work of a professional architect or engineer. A genuine desire to use ones professional skills to give back to his or her community in a very meaningful way says a lot about one’s integrity.

Focused ambition can be used to design and create beautiful and practical...

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