In 1906, several men gathered to form the Delta Theta Sigma fraternity and, today, the same common interests bring young men together to make a difference in lives and on campus.

Delta Theta Sigma members are elite agricultural majors from all over the world. They have succeeded in carrying on the common interest of agriculture and outdoor recreation. The majority of the members come from a farm background.

The fraternity makes sure they are constantly meeting the standards of excellence among all other agricultural fraternities. Their combined grade point average has reached the highest in Delta Theta Sigma history and above all other agricultural fraternities with a 3.23. It is a requirement that the members strive to maintain a higher average than all undergrad average of 2.98.

“Delta Theta Sigma pushes us to be the best we can be,” Ryan Butcher, vice president of Delta Theta Sigma, forestry, fisheries, and wildlife major, said. “I love being an active member and working to set records for out fraternity.”

Delta Theta Sigma has participated in the Farm Science Review Recycling for the past two years. The members focused on can and cardboard and recycled a total of three large trash bins full of recycled goods that were going to end up in the dump.

“We are partners with the Farm Science Review and we could not believe how much we were able to recycle and we are excited to help out for many years to come,” Josh Griffin, Delta Theta Sigma house manager, bio-environmental engineering major, said.

There are four active members that are representing Delta Theta Sigma in Brazil in the study abroad program. They will be learning about Brazil’s government, culture, religion, education and agriculture. These members will build from this program and can use their experience to help out the Ohio State University campus and community.

“I am very proud of all of our members who have represented Delta Theta Sigma while studying abroad and I know...