12. "Petersburg bookstores"
In one of the halls of the shop is an old antique cabinet, the type of which is over a hundred years. His shelves lined with books, but these publications, in contrast to the basic assortment, you can take home with them for free. "Petersburg bookshop" on the list of the oldest towns for fans Bukkrossing.

- Nevsky Prospect. 66

13. Rossi's bar Typography
Here everyone can exchange unnecessary book on a cup of coffee or any other volume you like from the collection of the institution. It should be noted that the book "frimarket" is open daily. To find a shelf, you just ask the bartender.

- Str. World 3

14. "Its publishing"
There are in the city on the Neva is a publishing house that prints books only at the request of customers. Abroad, this trend is very common, and print-on-demand publishing ("Publishing on demand") are considered to be very popular. In addition to books that you can order and buy, "his publisher," and offers a selection of free literature. The work is not so much, they all fit on the three shelves right at the entrance to the shop. But to find a really interesting specimen. By the way, if you want you can leave those books that you no longer need, but can be useful to someone else.

- Repin Str. 41

15. Zoom
Café books vary quite a long time. Shelf is located in the second room, between two windows.

- Str. Pea 22

16. Literary Cafe
Another place where no books do not do. Exchanged literature and interesting magazines here with a few shelves, which can be found on the left of the entrance.

- Center for Contemporary Literature and Books, nab. Makarova, 10, 1st floor

17. "Heart of the Dragon"
One of the few shelves for convenience Bukkrossing waiting for lovers of reading under the roof of a karaoke bar. Thus, the first sing a song, and then changing books.

- Pr. Bolsheviks, 24

18. Library "Rzhevskaya"
Shelf bukkrosinga there under the roof of the library. Any book can take with...