Drilling Machines Meet the Requirements of Environment

Drilling Machines Meet the Requirements of Environment

Use mud machine to circularly process drilling mud of drilling rig, convey hard drilling slag to designated place to heap concrete batching plant, and pure sludge can be circularly used. Foundation pit pumping are discharged after precipitation, and muddy sewage is banned being directly discharged into the water

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Oil and other wastes discharged by mechanical construction should be intensively processed, and operators should regularly clean outbound and prohibit discarding anywhere. All the wastes that pollute environment, such as construction waste, production waste, mud, and other waste materials must have obtained the consent of the construction unit and the local environmental protection department mobile hollow concrete block making machine, and they must be discharged drilling rigs for sale, stacked, buried or destroyed at the appointed place. Do a good job in the protection of the local water system, and during the construction, protect the slope in a timely manner. Green vegetation, soil and abandon slag are carried out of the scene in time, there shall not be arbitrarily discard.

Materials and machinery shall not be arbitrarily placed. Carefully calculate and reasonably allocate. After completion of construction, the construction road, construction site and construction home base need environment cleaning and leveling, and restore the ground natural state as far as possible.

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