Drink drving

Drink drving

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my views on the danger of drink-driving. It comes as no exaggeration the trend of an increase in the number of drink-driving has aroused wide concern in Hong Kong nowadays.

I believe that the root cause of this issue is because the drivers do not know or realize how much drunk they are. When someone is drunk, they radically cannot make the right judgement of whether they are suit to drive or not. To some extent, they just underrate the effect of alcohol or on their cognitive abilities, such as poor judgement and faintness to make right decision.

Owing to their selfishness and irresponsibility, this year, hundreds and thousands of innocent car drivers, passengers and pedestrians are killed by them. It is not only kill the innocent road users but also destroy the lives of their families, they are a threat to everyone.

To tackle this issue, I will suggest some approaches to alleviate the present situation.

First of all, the role of the government is vital. The legislation should implement more strict penalties for drunk-driving offences which the offenders need to face up to eight years imprisonment, a maximum fine of $50000 and disqualify them from driving for not less than ten years. When drivers want to commit any illegal act, they will probably think twice so as not to be fined.

Moreover, the participation of the media is also significant. It undoubtedly exerts considerable influence on people’s mindsets. The media should broadcast more advertisements about consequences of such dangers, helped to gradually raise people’s alertness towards the issue.

It is the drivers’ responsibility and obligation to ensure the safety of pedestrians, passengers or other car drivers. To all drivers, please ponder before you drive.

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