Drug Dealers

Drug Dealers

Robert Horton
October 19, 2008

Persistent Problem For Homeless

In the article “Drug dealers a persistent problem for homeless” by Alex Branch, he informs readers about the negative temptations that homeless people are faced with. He states that drug dealers do more than just sell deadly drug products to the homeless, they harass them into buying their products. He also mentions the everyday problems that dealers put innocent homeless people through.

Branch says “drug dealers prey on homeless people with the weakness and miseries of crack and heroin”. Dealers make it hard for those who have decided that they no longer want to abuse drugs. They have filled the streets and alleys with their product. Dealers have formed a routine to trade drugs for the money that homeless people are assisted with by the government. Some clients straight out of rehab are peer pressured into going back to their old habits because they fail to eliminate the old friends that still choose to use drugs. Dealers wait for those coming out of drug addiction treatment centers while they are not fully anti-drug. Dealers bait the homeless into carrying their product or making a delivery for them. In doing this act most homeless get caught by police and get arrested, instead of the dealer who owns the drugs. (Alex Branch)

The main idea of this article was on drug dealers selling their products in homeless districts. The dealers consider the districts a “high-density” area for customers because most homeless people have an addiction to drugs. Also Branch informs readers of the harassment, negative temptations, and everyday problems that dealers put homeless people through.

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