Drugs: Legalized or Illegalized?

Drugs: Legalized or Illegalized?

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Drugs should be legalized. Agree or disagree?

Read the information below and write a Con-Refutation paragraph using the information below. Remember to use the format including “however”. Use problematising phrases for the con section. Give a correct citation if you use the info beneath. Start with explaining the ideas of the side that you don’t agree with (CONS) then refute their arguments.

From an article by Eugene Oscapella, Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy 12. 04.2005:

Laws prohibiting drugs have enriched criminal organizations around the world by creating an enormously lucrative illegal market ("black market") in drugs. Prohibition has also often helped finance terrorist groups. In 1994, Reuters News Agency quoted Interpol's chief drugs officer, Iqbal Hussain Rizvi, as saying that "Drugs have taken over as the chief means of financing terrorism." However, Reuters did not report whether Mr. Rizvi gave a source for his estimate, so it cannot be said with certainty that it is the main source of financing, although it is clearly a major source for many groups.Terrorists and criminals, sometimes both made wealthier by prohibition, may also join forces if their interests coincide, creating an even greater threat to the countries they target.

Drug prohibition generates huge profits for these groups. Without prohibition, the drug trade could not finance terrorism to any significant degree, since profits from the legal sale of drugs would be a small fraction of what they are now. Politicians and policymakers typically don't appear to understand -- or they deliberately choose to ignore -- this central point.
In Colombia, profits flowing from drug production and sales have financed the purchase of weapons by violent paramilitaries and guerillas, corrupted government and police, and supported campaigns of terror within Colombia. These countries, or groups within them, may seek to retaliate for the destructive consequences of these prohibitionist...

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