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Peter Tran
Mrs. Cashmere
English III CP
05 March 09
My Brother and Me
At the time when my mom told me I was going to have a brother , I was not sure

if I could handle it. I was very excited about having a brother, but I came to realize that

it would take a lot of responsibility. I knew that in order to take responsibility, I would

also have to be a great role model, someone who will set good examples for him to

follow, just as Atticus did for Scout and Jem, he showed them that color did not make a

difference. My brother is still very diminutive and has no prior knowledge of anything

and when my brother was born, it had promoted a dramatic change in my life.

It has always been the older sibling’s responsibility to take good care of their siblings. I was very skeptical on what it means to be a brother, but as time passes by, it has taught me one major value, and that is responsibility. For example, when my parents left to Los Angeles for the whole weekend, it was just me and my brother at home alone. At first I became very unsure on what to do for a whole weekend, but one thing was for sure, I needed to make food everyday. So for the whole week, I cooked spam, eggs, fish, and vegetables with rice everyday. He was not very picky about what I cooked, and I could tell he was enjoying what I made. In addition, my brother and I would spend a lot of time together. Sometimes, I would tell my brother to come into my room and watch a movie with me. It was fun seeing him laugh at funny parts. On top of that, I would take my brother to my friends house with me, because he likes to hang out with me and my friends. The more we hung out, the more I started to care for him. Even still today as I take care of my brother, my responsibility will and always grow into a bigger responsibility.